Safe In A Crowd is a Massachusetts Hardcore and Punk Rock Show Listing Website. This site will also feature the occasional out of state show listing as well and shows outside the Hardcore/Punk realm, but focus mainly on Hardcore/Punk shows in Massachusetts. This is a one man operation, so I apologize for any errors or lack of updates that may occur. If you have any feedback or anything, feel free to shoot me an email via the Submit A Show tab. If you were wondering, yes I did take the name from the Breakdown song of the same name and yes I know what the meaning and lyrics of that song point towards and also say. I wanted to take the name Safe In A Crowd and give it a new meaning. That being, the feeling of being safe in a crowd at a hardcore or punk show, to feel a part of something, to be surrounded by people that you have at least one thing in common with, the music and the message. So if you have a problem with that or my website in general, please say it(to my face).

One thought on “About

  1. Hey dude!
    I dig your site man. Not just for a simple comprehensible list of good shows goin down but I’m just into the design. Thumbs up dude.

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